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IFF-Animation Curated Program on the Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen
IFF-Animation will present a series of experimental animation on the Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen produced in collaboration with Grunt Gallery in Vancouver, BC.  A series of 6 works will be on view on an an outdoor, 4 x 7-meter urban screen, on Kingsway at Broadway in Vancouver, BC. Participating artists include: Anna Firth Flavourcel Karolina Glusiec Annapurna Kumar Weronika Stepien Yaloo Mount Pleasant was one of Vancouver’s earliest neighbourhoods; it was THE place to be from the 1890s until 1910, when the Shaughnessy neighbourhood then became the new preferred district to be and Mount Pleasant fell into decline. Mount Pleasant and Brewery Creek lay close to the Ontario Street dividing line between east and west and Main Street reflected this cultural and class division, with bigger homes to the west (Shaughnessy) and working class homes to the east (Mount Pleasant). Mount Pleasant’s early decline continued for almost 100 years! Its working-class roots made it the place for rental housing and transient tenants, and it became the poorest neighbourhood outside of the DTES. A neighbourhood of immigrants, urban poor and artists created the conditions from where much of Vancouver’s early cultural life grew. Beginning in the 1990s, Mount Pleasant’s gentrification started to take hold, first through the live/work studio condos that gradually began to appear in the area. Beginning in 2010, with the development in the Olympic Village area, serious gentrification began, with many residents evicted from their long-held homes as rents doubled and tripled within a few years. Suddenly the... Read More ...